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Ultrasonic Cleaner 60W 1.8L single dial


$155.00 inc GST


  • Our own brand of commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner
  • Local support from people who know their equipment
  • Designed for Australian/NZ mains power - 240V AC.  Will maximise unit's life - unlike machines made for other voltages.
  • User friendly, single dial control
  • 1800mls tank capacity, with 60 Watts of cleaning power  - 20% more power than before
  • 20 minute timer - or constant ON (do not overheat) - compare this to others that give you only seconds. 
  • Tank Dimensions - which will give you the largest sized object which can be cleaned in a single cycle:
    • Length 150 mm
    • Width 140 mm
    • Height 100 mm
  • Outer Dimensions (190L x 170W x 220H) mm
  • Stainless steel case and tank
  • Includes free cover and basket
  • 6 month back to base warranty - just keep your tax invoice.

Approved supplier N 18973

We've sold hundreds of these reliable commercial grade cleaners to customers in a variety of fields from jewellery, to mechanics, electrical engineers, dive equipment servicemen, vets, tatooists and even dentists and recreational shooters.  Designed specifically for commercial use in Australia, these units are great for most cleaning purposes you can imagine.  They have even been used to help prepare natural therapies. See our FAQs or blog for more info.

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